Irish Donkey Welfare Organisation

      Working For Irish Donkeys!

CHY 21458 

We know that many people are concerned about the environment in which many donkeys are forced to live and also the many welfare issues such as long feet.

IDWO believes that whilst trying to assist and inform existing owners, it is the younger generation,  the future donkey owners, who need to be informed and educated as regards welfare and environmental needs.


To provide cover for the whole of Ireland, it will be necessary to increase the number of Advocates. The main commitment is time - as much or as little as you can offer.

Much of the work is providing advice, the majority via phone. Visits are currently quite rare. 

Visibility is paramount. We are aiming to target as many owners and potential owners as possible by distributing cards and flyers and attending as many shows/events as possible.

If you are interested, have some equine experience and think you may be able to offer help and advice to owners  then we would love to hear from you.

Training will be given and we guarantee you will enjoy yourself!

Regrettably now and in the foreseeable future, our Advocates will be work voluntarily. None receive any reimbursement. So, why should you work for nothing, get exhausted and very mucky at times? Probably because you are an animal lover and you care - why else?

Your reward? Improving the life of a donkey who cannot communicate for himself.

IDWO is a small organisation only just starting out but intent on making a difference.

To do this we have 2 needs - people and money. Working in animal welfare can be difficult at times but the rewards are huge. Donkeys are very forgiving, often misunderstood but have a way of leaving their footprints on your heart!

Interested? Give us a call or send a message, 

we look forward to hearing from you!